• Order management
  • Planning and Purchasing
  • Warehouse management
  • Product- and item management
  • Merchandise management interface - mail order sales 

ERP System

SSE and Solutions management system provides bi-directional interfaces to popular online shop systems  which allow you to keep your proposals, items, orders, invoices, deliveries and much more synched between weclapp and your implemented shop system. Delivery slips are generated the same way as picking/packing lists by the ERP system.

About Sales managment CRM

CRM is a fully customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations in a better way. SSE and solutions software helps to simplify your organization methodology marketing, sales tracking, inventory system and customer support functions in a one software system. SSE and solutions softare is one of the best CRM software which is designed for any industry small, medium or large scale business. A complete enterprise CRM software developed in India.

SalesGrow Automation
• Lead Management
• Account Management
• Web Forms
• Workflow Automation
• Marketing Automation
• PhoneBridge
• Email
Sales Tracking
• Opportunity Management
• Role-based Security
• Territory Management
• Sales Reports & Dashboards
• Advanced CRM analytics
• Sales Tracking
• Sales Forecasting
Extend CRM
• Customization
• Third Party Integration
Marketing Automation
• Marketing Campaign
• Auto responders
• Email & SMS Templates
• Mass Email & SMS