Lead management software that covers all aspects of managing all your vendors ,dealers, production units  networks comprehensively. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is designed to address and fully manage all client interaction areas such as:

  1. Effective lead management
  2. Prospecting and opportunity management
  3. Sales personnel diaries
  4. Quote management
  5. Allocation of revenue targets
  6. Reporting
  7. Complete analysis that facilitates tracking of overall performance and revenue generation

    our lead management in a number of ways. Simply building a great website and outlining an online strategy is not enough to drive your profits. Using multiple online lead outlets means that sales executives will have to contend with a high volume of quality leads. This is the crucial point in effective lead management. If these quality leads are not handled in the right manner, they will work out without ever helping you convert your online investment into direct sales.

How can help effective lead management?
Our software  is a cloud base lead management software with powerful lead management tools for automotive dealerships. With top-class prospect management and lead management software, we also offers built-in marketing tools.


Capturing Leads
When customers visit your website or other third-party websites with queries about the ,they fill forms on the site. These forms are captured lead management software. Converted into real contacts that you can pursue, Lead data is pulled in from hundreds of sources including the leads from your own website, third-party websites and your OEM’s website. Owing to the far-reaching lead management tools that are embedded in software, not only will you have access to a high number of quality leads from online sources, but sales executives can also track a whole host of other prospects such as walk-ins and phone-ups


Contacting Leads
Effective lead management does not end here though software takes it to the next level and allows you to contact the leads, and track their requirements and conversations with you in an easy to access manner.

Smart Reporting Tools
With a number of effective and innovative reporting and analysis tools, Software helps you evaluate your lead management ventures and the performance of your sales teams. By tracking all pertinent aspects such as sales response time, profit margins, closing ratios, and more, you will be able to evaluate your lead source performance and direct attention and you access your performance.


Mobile WAP Based Leads Management System
With the exponential increase in penetration of mobiles, it makes more sense to have an enquiry management application that runs well on mobile. Considering the limited space available on mobile phones, our team of Mobile WAP development consultants will convert his Leads Management system in to a mobile format. This will enable executives in recording customer queries even when they are not online on a computer system. Since this is a Mobile WAP based technology, hence nothing needs to be installed on the mobile phone. This application is a cloud based application and is configured in such a way that it suits all kinds of mobile phones.


Application Benefits:


  • CFollow-up alerts on mobile
  • Record customers query and response anywhere on the go
  • Reducing manual work, by entering customers details directly on to the system using mobile
  • Cloud based service allows auto-sync of data as soon as an update is made

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