Mobile gadgets have reached to everyone around the globe and these are playing a vital role in todays business marketing as well. Mobiles have become very easy, popular and important medium of marketing and to reach to a target area of audiences. Having mobile applications for different mobile platforms is very much important nowadays in order to maximize the reach and the business respectively. Mobile Application Development
SSE & Solutions help their clients to get their desired mobile applications built with great ease and reliability. We have highly proficient and experienced developers having expertise in every mobile platform, delivering comprehensive, robust, superior, richer, powerful and winning applications.
We at SSE & Solutions are centralized towards developing mobile applications for 4 different platforms including windows application, android application, iOS application, and cross platform application working for every mobile platform.

Robust ecommerce Strategy and Consulting - We evaluate your business goals and offer customized E-business strategies.


SmsGateway Provider offers varied services - Bulk/Marketing SMS & Transactional SMS. The gateway is perfectly tuned and offers the services in different cost slabs. Before making the purchase, we offer trail SMS services and on the satisfaction of the customer we proceed with real SMS package delivery We provide a cost-effective solution for SMS.
All you need to do is prepare you customer database with valid mobile numbers, connect to the internet, trigger sending, check the SMS acknowledgment or SMS Report and disconnect. We provide control panel, wherein you can monitor the status like available SMS Credits, Validity, critical information etc.


Online Marketing Services
Online presence of a website represents it to the entire world over web. Marketing has become a vital need for every business whether it is being done traditionally or online. Marketing is the most needed thing to let your business reach to the entire world and to make it aware about your services and specialties. Nowadays people are moving towards online shopping leaving traditional way of going to market behind. So marketing your website is the vital need now to survive in this competitive world and to bring customers to it.Online Marketing
SSE and Solutions help your business to reach to everyone and to boost traffic to your website. We have team of professionals having expertise in online marketing domain letting your website obtain great amount of traffic through different mediums including search engine results, social media platforms, social media ads, search engine ads and from many others. Online marketing is all about attracting your target audience towards your website and to force them to make transactions there and our professionals have the key to achieve this objective.
Our target is to manage your online web presence perfectly and helping it to shine as much as possible. We help you business to be searched with ease by customer for the services and product you provide. Our goal is to boost ROI for your business which comes after applying all the aspects of online marketing and we apply all the techniques with great quality and perfection to achieve this goal. Contact us now to get high quality services in completely affordable price now.


Social Networking
Social networking sites have built a global network everywhere around the globe these days. These community portals have reached to almost every one now, removing all distance boundaries. These portals are leading the world nowadays causing a flat earth revolution without boundaries. Social networking website are increasingly effecting social interaction because of many features including blogs, forums, photos sharing, ,texting, and many others.Social Networking portal development
SSE and Solutions helps you to use these social networking websites to enhance your business reach and to provide you with increased ROI as well. Social networking sites have become the best way to reach out to your target audience and allow them to know about your products and services. We at SSE and Solutions have team of professionals having expertise in developing social networking portals, making it possible for you to communicate with the target audience very easily and to reach to a target area very easily.
SSE and Solutions team have experience of years in designing industry and we keep us updated about the latest available technologies and methodologies. Latest tools and techniques are used by us in order to craft the best web solution. We follow some of the following approaches to designing:
We understand the power of social media and also know to utilize it for your business. We focus to deliver highly reliable, robust, eye-catching and magnificent social community portal in highly affordable price. Our professional works with never say die attitude and great passion to fulfill clients need and it helps us become prominent in portal development.

Our specialties

  • Appropriate client assistance and support
  • High flexibility to go with any type of need
  • Quick response
  • Availability of dedicated resources
  • Use of latest tools and techniques
  • No hidden cost
  • Highly experienced developers having expertise of over years



Cost effective service
We aim to gain client satisfaction by delivering exactly same as desired and maintain quality throughout the process of development. We neither break commitment not our clients trust ever. Contact us to get a quote.
We allowing your business to have a web presence magnify your reach and increase your productivity many times. Having a website as a face of your business for the entire web world is a vital need for sure, but adding functionality for community building multiplies your reach to audience. This functionality comes in a web portal enabling all the products and services to reach to your potential audiences. Web Portal We at SSE and Solutions allow our clients to have a prevailing web portal by keeping our clients interests, requirements and desires in mind and converting them into reality. Our expert developers provide a comprehensive web portal in which tons of data including information, services, products, resources, and functions are organized and categorized carefully and perfectly as per clients need.
SSE and Solutions focus on delivering customer oriented web portals making it easy and advantageous for them to choose and use the desired and relevant services or resources. We use latest available technologies and tools to bring interactive features, eye catching design and easy functionality for every type of visitors. Providing a highly user friendly, easy to use, robust, prevailing web portal is our specialty and we are true of our commitments.


Our Specialties

  • Comprehensive analysis of business and designing architecture
  • Preparing strategy and client consultation
  • Customized portal development service
  • Proficient team of developers having expertise of over years
  • Use of latest tools and technologies
  • High quality user experience
  • Efficient integration with third party services
  • Data integration
  • Assuring quality and testing the process completely as well
  • Upgrades and enhancement of new features
  • Full time customer support
  • With these all features SSE and Solutions is pioneering the portal development domain and prominent for providing high class and cost effective development services.



    SSE and Solutions is a prominent name for ecommerce website development services, delivering portal in any desired platform including Zen Cart, ecommerce, Magneto or any other. Our ecommerce website developers are known for delivering a dream come true portal according to your necessities. We do not provide a bulky store with complex functionality, but we focus to develop an eye catching portal with very easy functionality.